Merlin helps customer support teams make fewer mistakes in your Salesforce

Merlin increases Salesforce adoption, NPS and employee autonomy. It guides your team through your processes inside of Salesforce (and your own software) itself.

We want to reduce poor usage, bad data and customer mistakes.
Merlin does this by showing your team, your way, in your Salesforce

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We're going to make Salesforce better together

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Save your team 90+ minutes a week each

Using interactive guides & hotspots, the information is already there.

Everyone gets answers in seconds

In one click your team's entire knowledge is available to your whole team.

Achieve 100% compliance in minutes

Merlin pushes new information to their browser instantly, no email reminders needed.

Works seamlessly in Salesforce

Login with Salesforce, and start using without needing an admin or a developer.

Merlin teaches your process and shares your team's knowledge in seconds

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Your team can be taught inside of Salesforce (and your other software) itself as they actually do the process. No sandbox training required.


Quick snippets of information at your teams finger tips. Answer questions like what does this acronym mean or what is our policy on wizards?


Need to update your team on a process change but email is slow and unaccountable? Push changes in minutes.


Easily shareable & taggable links to make it easy to find out which software you should be using.


Share snippets of information inside of Salesforce, so that just hovering over a field or button shows your team what they need to know.

We work with all of Salesforce

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Classic

Salesforce Console Applications

...and all your other software

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