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Teams use Salesforce better with Merlin guiding them.

Train your team, your way, in minutes.

Employees being confident and effective in Salesforce impacts success, retention and your bottom line. Merlin makes that easy.

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We're going to make Salesforce better together

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Merlin Guides Video

Create guides in minutes not hours

Just do the task once yourself and Merlin has everything it needs.

Teams access guides in seconds

In one click your team's entire knowledge is available to your whole team.

Industry leading analytics that you'll love

See metrics on people completing tasks not watching videos.

Works seamlessly in Salesforce

Login with Salesforce, and start using without needing an admin or a developer.

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Your team can be taught inside of Salesforce itself as they actually do the process.

This is an example of a step in a guide process


Quick snippets of information at your teams finger tips. Answer questions like what does this acronym mean, what is our policy on wizards and which team should I escalate to?

What is an FAQ?
This is an example of an FAQ, you can include text, video and images to answer people's questions.


Need to update your team on a process change? Find that email is slow and unaccountable. Push changes in minutes, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Salesforce UI Screenshot

This is a Notification

Merlin is able to push new information and confirm they have read it in less than 30 minutes. Pretty Cool, huh?
Confirm Read


Share snippets of information inside of Salesforce, so that just hovering over a field or button shows your team what they need to know.

This is an example of a Hotspot

We work with all Salesforce Applications

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Community Cloud
Salesforce App Cloud
Salesforce Wave Analytics
Salesforce Quip
Salesforce Platform

... and all your other software including your internal software.

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