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Improve quality, automate metrics and communicate process changes more effectively.

Manage outsourced agents more effectively. 

Outsourcing can save you a lot of money and hassle - but it can also create problems.  Researchers have begun to look into the common challenges that impact a company's outsourcing success:

1. Agent Turnover

The turnover rate for agents is, on average, up to 25% per year, and according to a Cornell University study of outsourced agents "The costs of turnover are high. On average, replacing one agent equals 16% of the gross annual earnings of a call center worker – that is, the simple replacement costs of one worker equals about two months of a typical worker’s pay. If lost productivity is taken into account, replacing one worker equals between three and four months of a typical worker’s pay." 1

One of Merlin's features is in-software walk-through guides that agents can access every time they complete a task -- this allows them to train and perform within the actual software programs they use each day, helping to increase productivity and decrease agent turnover.

2.  Accurate Reporting

Outsourced agents often have specific targets that measure and define their succes (i.e. "calls must be answered within 60 seconds), and these results must then be monitored by a person, if not by a team of people.  The better the accuracy and frequency of this reporting, the more the hiring company is able to maximize the benefits of outsourcing while mitigating the risks.  

Merlin provides Admins with up-to-date access to guide use and completion metrics, as well as  compliance notification acknowledgments. 

3. Customers' Expectations 

Especially in regards to customer-facing outsourcing, it is important that customer service and satisfaction not suffer in a way that negatively impacts the costs saved by outsourcing in the first place. According to a study published in the Journal of Strategic Marketing, successful outsourcing can lead to increased customer satisfaction if there is adequate performance criteria and feedback, effective communication, and top management support and involvement. 3 

Through Merlin's many features (interactive guides, FAQs, links, and notifications) managers are able to provide in-the-moment support to all agents. This increasing their ability to meet and exceed customers' needs.

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With Merlin: 

  • Agents do the right thing at the right time, every time:  With our Smart Guides, you can ensure that they are taken through the guide every single time. Ensuring they don't miss a step in your process and are following each step correctly along the way.

  • Merlin tracks everything: You're able to see which agent did which task, when they started, how long it took and if they finished the task as well. 

  • Process changes are instant: When you make a change to a guide, it can be pushed to all agents straight away. No need to monitor whether they are using the new or old process. We've also created a new process change acknowledgment feature to ensure that all agents are aware of new information and processes. 

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