Employee Training

Increase employee productivity and engagement with better and more effective training.

In-the-moment Employee Training, Simplified.

Even when you hire people who already have a lot of the skills you need, ongoing training is necessary to keep employees in peak mental "shape" to do their best work. Merlin can help you retain talent, improve productivity, and support a work environment that allows everyone to thrive. 

At Merlin Guides, we believe all of your employee training practices should be based off of knowledge, proven best practices, and good psychology. Merlin Guides helps you to do this more effectively, so that you not only acquire but also retain the best talent, keeping your entire organization working smoothly.

Benefits of Merlin Guides

  • Guide Screenshots for easy transfer to knowledge base or LMS.
  • Up-to-date data and analytics of training completions. 
  • Increased memory and skill retention after training. 
  • Simple  to use interface that is easy for employers and employees to navigate. 
  • No engineers or developers required for setup. 
  • Simply do the workflow once and Merlin creates an employee training guide.
  • Instant sharing of process and information changes. 
  • Monitor who has received and completed process change notification guides.

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