Common Questions People ask

What browsers do you support?

Our Browser Addon is currently available for Google Chrome, other browsers are coming shortly.

Do you work on all sites?

As we are a browser add on we work on top of all Web Applications, whether they are internal (intranet) or external too.

Why are you called Merlin?

Merlin took Arthur from being a kid to a king, Merlin Guides takes someone from being a new hire to a pro.

Will it support Internet Explorer?

Yes, in Q3-4 2017

Is there a version for Web Application owners to use i.e. JS Snippet with no Extension dependency?

Very early version available, that is yet to be trialled.

Localisation support?

Browser Extension in Q2 2017, guides themselves in Q3

Another Question?

Please contact us here.

New York Office

Soho, New York, 10013

London Office

Soho, London, W1D 3BT