Merlin Guides | Employee Training Assistant

The perfect solution for sharing Team Knowledge

Never fear losing an employee that knows the process, share processes with consultancies and update processes on the fly.

Simple to use

Merlin's solution looks and feels like a simple mobile phone app, so there is no training required. Experts and managers just have to do the task/workflow once themselves and Merlin watches every step to make it repeatable. No complex LMS solution here.

Share processes

Whether your team is starting to work with others, has consultants coming in or is looking to review your processes, Merlin is a great solution for your process document. With the ease of use of the above you can download your process as HTML or PDF and share these in your team.

Update processes

If you want to push out a change to a process you can assign guides as tasks, and share them instantly amongst your team. Monitoring who has done the new process and who hasn't.

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