Merlin Guides | Employee Training Assistant

The perfect solution for Training Teams

Speed up your workflow, gain metrics and provide better training

Useful from the start

Merlin automatically takes screenshots (both step by step and full page) while you are recording a guide, which can then be downloaded as HTML files and SCORM Files to be imported into your Help Center or LMS

The most accurate training metrics to date

When your trainees do a guide you can see when they started it, how long it took them, and how many times they did it again. These metrics aren't just times inside an LMS, this is the trainee actually doing (and learning) the task. Trainees can also score guides at the end, helping you understand which guides need improving or updating.

Significantly better memory retention

As trainees are learning inside of the real system they are retaining that information significantly better. We estimate we reduce onboarding time by over 40% based on our data.

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