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The Benefits of Salesforce Training for Sales and Customer Service Teams

Using powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Salesforce is a boost for any business. When the sales and services teams can easily access "smart" data about customers, then you anticipate the magic of a winning business. The streamlining of procedures creates a more efficient workplace, and that's great for business. The ability to deliver personalized marketing messages on any platform provides a seamless experience.

But, wait! What if your employees aren't really "getting" it? What if they are not all on the same page when it comes to using Salesforce? Even if you have a powerful tool, without the proper usage, it won't function properly for your business. How do you get better adoption and engagement with Salesforce and other CRMS?


Here are three ways you can benefit from Salesforce and CRM training on your team:

#1 Optimized Time

One of the more obvious ways Salesforce training will benefit your business is you optimize your employees' time. How many times have you had to stop what you were doing to explain a Salesforce procedure to another employee? This slows down the workplace and puts an undue burden on the shoulders of the one(s) who know the system.

The time factor also needs to be kept in mind when seeking a training program too. You want to find a way to facilitate training quickly and almost effortlessly – like magic.

#2 Boosted Bottom Line

The bottom line is a key component of all businesses--and when that is affected, negatively or positively, it's a cause to sit up and pay attention. When employees know how to do their job effectively they produce more. That means more dollars for the business. In addition, employees who are trained to perform their job effectively are more content and likely to stay in their position. Studies show that when employees receive training, they are more likely to continue with the company. This saves the business money because the cost of replacing employees is high, not to mention the inconvenience of going through the hiring process again.

When investing in a training program for Salesforce, finding a program that would provide ongoing support without added cost would prove savings as well.

#3 Uniform Procedures

One thing that's relevant for any type of CRM or data entry is everyone being on the same page. In other words, you want all your employees to have standard or uniform procedures for how they enter data. There must be a standardized system in place or the information you gather could be confusing.

A training that guides everyone as to what exact steps to take along the way will ensure that all information is uniform and useful. Training that is right within the interface itself, showing you what steps to take with prompts would be almost magical.

Merlin Guides provide your employees with a step-by-step guide to complete every Salesforce task. The training program gives this guidance by providing prompts right within the platform itself, and your employees can receive ongoing assistance from the Merlin Guides. This surpasses that of traditional training which is usually just a one-time session or watching videos (which can be time-consuming).

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