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A Salesforce Consultant's Journey: From Accidental Admin to Salesforce Lead

Kyle Krahn is the Salesforce Practice Lead and a Partner at Emelar Consulting Group, a full-service Salesforce consulting firm specializing in CPQ, Salesforce implementation services, and thought leadership.

According to his team, "Kyle is the go-to-guy for all things Salesforce at Emelar Consulting Group. He studies clients’ needs to figure out how they can best improve their business processes, then uses that information to design and implement effective, customized solutions through the Salesforce platform. Kyle works closely with his Emelar colleagues to provide clients with the best possible customer experience."

We asked Kyle for his insights and experiences with Salesforce:

Why do you love Salesforce?

I love Salesforce because of its versatility. Through my role, I've worked with many organizations in vastly different industries with vastly different business processes. It always amazes me that I am able to align Salesforce to enhance and automate these processes.

In addition to this, I love Salesforce because of how well it can grow with your organization and processes. I've worked with small companies that started with Salesforce Sales Cloud, and as they grew were able to find tremendous value by adding Service Cloud, CPQ, and Customer Community.

Watching how Salesforce has been able to meet every need this client has needed has been very powerful and rewarding.

How has Salesforce impacted your role/career?

Like many, I started as an accidental admin/developer. As I learned more and more and began to see first hand how powerful the platform is, I was hooked. Since then, I've moved to a consulting role so I can show new customers the value of the Salesforce platform.

What feature in Salesforce do you use the most? and/or: What is your most recommended (best) tip/trick for using Salesforce?

I've specialized in implementing CPQ and think that is an extremely powerful extension to your Sales Processes. I think many companies would be able to take advantage of this extension and can begin to turn-around quotes quickly and consistently.


What is your proudest Salesforce project/accomplishment?

I had many proud Salesforce moments. For most projects, I look for the moment when a client who has just started on the platform "clicks".

When they understand how limitless the tool can be and how it can become a crucial element to transforming their business.

I find it very rewarding when this happens. I think it is most rewarding when there are the one or two people who are resistant to adapting to a new system. When these users start seeing the value of the platform and often become the power users in the organization, is very entertaining to be part of.

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