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To Outsource or Not to Outsource Talent? 5 Considerations for Employee Outsourcing

Employee outsourcing can save you a lot of money and hassle - but it can also create problems, most often when communication issues or conflicts, training, and knowledge sharing issues occur.

What other best practices can you employ to prevent outsourcing from turning from a good business decision into a nightmare that ends in broken contracts?

#1 Decide what and when to outsource.

Be firm in determining what can and should be outsourced and what should be kept in house - taking into account issues of confidentiality and privacy as well as available talent. Some companies fall down at the basic level of deciding what and when to outsource.

#2 Assign or hire an employee outsourcing manager.

All but the smallest companies should have a specialist in this position who has the training and experience to properly communicate with vendors and consultants and to know what kind of training should be provided to others. Merlin Guides helps make this easy.

#3 Have a published employee outsourcing process.

This makes it clear to your vendors and partners exactly what you expect. Make sure that any changes to the process are shared immediately, before any further work is done - thus avoiding any wasted time and worked. The process should cover day to day communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page, on a daily business. When process changes and other notifications are sent out, require that the consultants acknowledge receipt.

#4 Work on effective communication.

If it appears that a misunderstanding has occurred, move to correct it immediately, before it can grow into something major. As in point 3, it is very useful to have people acknowledge and "echo" what they have been sent to ensure they understand it. You should never be afraid to repeat yourself if needed.

#5 Plan for training.

Any training that is being provided to either your employees or to your partner's should be properly planned and repeated as necessary. Make sure everyone that has to deal with employee outsourcing knows what the processes are and is trained in effective communication.

These and other best practices will help you manage employee outsourcing as a business practice - and avoid the common pitfalls and problems. For more information on training yourself and your employees to handle outsourcing effectively, contact Merlin Guides.