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Employee Turnover: 4 Reasons They Leave and What You Can Do to Prevent It

The critical aspect of managing employee retention is knowing what causes staff to leave and implement strategies to prevent it. While some causes of employee turnover are unavoidable, such as relocation or life-changing events, there may be causes that an employer can control. Employees leaving can sometimes be an indication of a larger, company problem and not an individual one.

Today we're discussing four of the most common reasons for employee turnover and what you can do to help prevent your best from jumping ship.

Sometimes It's All About the Money

People look to make career choices that move them forward. When defining career success, salary plays a significant role. Employees will always be tempted to leave their job for another opportunity that offers more money. To make sure you're not losing your most talented team members, ensure your pay is in line with the industry standards. Look to secure data annually for each position within your organization and try to be fair with other similar positions within your industry. You can also offer supporting benefits that may help offset an average salary. For example, an employee may see value in having additional perks such as company car, gym membership, stock sharing, retirement or insurance. Devise a compensation program that will be hard to beat, and your employees will be loyal.

Employees Don't Feel Engaged

Employees have the need to feel engaged in their work efforts and feel as though they are contributing to their company. If their opinions aren't being considered in departmental decisions or if they don't feel their role is significantly making a difference, they may be inclined to look elsewhere for employment. To combat this lack of engagement, a company can enhance training and recognition efforts internally. Make sure your teams have all the tools they need to not only learn their job but also improve it. Provide them with the tools and resources for them to use to bring their best performance to the position. Consider making company changes with them and not to them. Provide an outlet for employee suggestions and feedback. Some of the best company ideas come from non-management staff members. Keep the communication channels open at every available level.

No Clear Path for Growth

Employees seek employment elsewhere immediately if they don't see a future with their current position. If there is no clear path for growth, learning or advancement, the individual will feel stuck in a rut and seek a better opportunity. To avoid the rut mentality, make sure your company has a clearly defined promotional advancement path. Employees should know precisely what achievements or goals they need to reach in order to move up in the organization. It's important to be consistent with these requirements so as not to infer that politics or favoritism are factors. Announce promotions and growth frequently to demonstrate how people are successfully moving through the ranks.

Poor Management

If employee turnover is limited to one department, it may be an indication there is poor management. People leave jobs due to micromanagement practices, inconsistent leadership, and poor communication. Take a look at your management leaders and make sure each has a style that compliments your company culture. Offer every staff member a clear communication path to voice concerns or issues. Have a structured process for dealing with complaints and grievances. This will provide an employee with the means to fix a problem, rather than leave altogether to avoid it.

You've worked hard to assemble your skill savvy team of quality employees. Managing their retention is the most effective strategy in keeping them. Offer learning, growth and communication channels to foster an environment of sharing and loyalty. To help enhance your retention strategy and prevent your best from pursuing other opportunities, contact us. At Merlin Guides, we offer a series of reliable training and employee learning resources to help you create your ideal workplace.

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