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How To Apply The Principles Of Adult Learning In Workplace Training

Adult learning is an ongoing process. You need to provide workplace training to your employees so that everyone knows about new programs as well as new techniques and trends. Workplace training doesn't have to involve snooze-inducing all-day training sessions or ineffective webinars.

Merlin Guides has revolutionized adult learning. Learn how to apply the principles of adult learning to your training programs to ensure that adult learners connect with the material that is being presented.

When it comes to adults learning, there are a few principles that apply that need to be understood and encompassed in the way that you train. If you don't, then it's only a matter of time before your workplace training methods fail.

There are a few principles to consider:

  • Adults want to learn their way
  • Learning is about the experience
  • The process has to be positive

Now, you have to look at the way that these principles can be applied when you provide workplace training.

Adults Want to Learn Their Way

We have all experienced training gone wrong. It's because the training isn't considering how adults want to learn. Employees young and old don't want to sit in a classroom and have a "presenter" talk to them for eight hours. It's boring and most people zone out.

Merlin Guides teaches in a way that adults want to learn. Much of this incorporates the concept of microlearning. Tidbits of knowledge are provided so that it's not too overwhelming in one fell swoop. Further, the training is always there so employees can go back to it whenever they want.

Learning is About the Experience

Have you ever tried to teach someone a software program without letting them into the software program? It doesn't work. Consider all of the ins and outs of SalesForce, for example. If you're not providing contextual training, then employees don't know what you're really talking about. It's one thing to show people what a screen looks like and it's another to let people experience it on their own.

One of the reasons why Merlin Guides has been such a successful training tool is that it is contextual. The training is within the software program, showing people step-by-step how to use it. Additionally, there are various notes throughout so that people can learn more about the software. It allows people to experience the software firsthand so that the training is more experiential.

The Process Has to Be Positive

There is a reason why customer service is changing. People want different things. Looking at the customer service trends will tell you that people want fast and easy and they also want instant support. These desires don't change when it comes to what your employees want in the world of training. They want a solution that is fast and easy. They also want instant support.

Your employees will grow frustrated if they don't get everything they're supposed to get out of a training class or a webinar. If they didn't take sufficient notes or the presenter didn't touch upon everything, they have to wait until the next training course. That could be months away. Meanwhile, you have someone who isn't thoroughly trained.

When you provide a positive training process using a method of learning that is ideal for adults, your employees are bound to learn more – and that's what Merlin Guides has to offer.

Learn more about effective adult learning methods in the workplace by exploring Merlin Guides today. We provide in-depth training inside of the software so that it is more hands-on. Additionally, we make it easy for employees to go back and re-train as needed so that they don't need continuous help from other staff members.