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"Merlin Is the Expert Now" Video: Promote Productivity with Merlin Guides

Meet Bill.

In the video below, Bill demonstrates a common problem. When learning how to use new software, most employees don't have questions during the "training" portion of the presentation. They have questions when they actually dig in and start using it. This means that someone has to field all of those questions as they arise, answering each email, phone call, or drop-in to the office door individually. For the person who has to answer these questions, the process can be tedious, repetitious, and time-consuming. Bill is that person, the one who was carrying the "weight of being the sole Salesforce expert" for an entire team of employees.

By the end of the video, his problems are solved. How? By relying on a new expert: Merlin Guides.

Some people can be intimidated by the idea of creating a training program or, on the other hand, fear that a training program will be too general and disconnected from the specific realities of their company needs.

Merlin Guides solves both of those problems at once. With Merlin Giudes, the training content is completely customized to your individual company's needs, and you can create a guide in minutes rather than hours. The guides are uniquely created to follow your guidance as you do a task and turn it into a guide for future users. Rather than force you to analyze and break down each individual step in your process, Merlin Guides takes your natural use of Salesforce and turns it into an interactive tool of instruction.

Employees using the product will get the assistance they need that meets them at their current level of expertise.

Brand new users will be guided by step-by-step instructions and FAQs that answer common questions like "what does this acronym mean?" More advanced users will still be able to double check their work and get reminders about the next steps and your company's specific policies and procedures right within the platform.

In addition, Merlin Guides allows ongoing communication and adaptability for your changing workplace needs. A change sent out via email will be received by different employees at different times, and some might get it too late to put it into practice on the task at hand.

Notifications can be sent directly to the Merlin Guide system, ensuring that everyone sees it at the same time while they are doing their work.

Hotspots can be set up to include company-specific information right within the platform. Employees simply hover over a button to get up-to-date information that tells them exactly what they need to know. This non-intrusive way of sharing information keeps everyone informed without a constant barrage of repetitious memos or notices.

*Merlin Guides improves the experience for everyone, and new employees can feel especially welcomed and informed, helping to promote better employee retention and adoption of company practices. *

When employees get the information they need just as they need it, they feel more included and part of the team. This sense of belonging translates into more motivated, engaged employees who are excited to get to work.

Having customized guides also makes the onboarding process more successful. Training that is immediately applicable with an obvious purpose is much more effective than disconnected training that might not come up in practice for days or even weeks after the information is delivered.

*Merlin Guides helps employees to work smarter by connecting what they learn to what they do. *

As Bill from the video explains, the promises of using just-in-time training with Merlin Guides truly deliver. At Bill's company, adoption of software use doubled after Merlin Guides were implemented, and time was optimized as well. The overall impact was a boost to the bottom line because less time spent asking questions means more time spent doing the work that needs to be done.

To see how Merlin Guides can revolutionize your workplace training, contact us today.