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Use Salesforce Better in Your Call Center

The phrase "time is money" is often bandied about as some sort of rallying cry to work faster/harder/better. There aren't many professions that literally track work by the second--call centers are a big exception, where changes of even a few seconds to average handle time or a few cents to average revenue can drive enormous results, in both positive and negative directions.

While the use of Salesforce is almost always a positive step, even the best organizations look for ways to use it "better" to improve the return on the investment they've made.

Salesforce for Call Center Teams

Salesforce is a tent post, the sort of tool that, used properly, can help provide a stable base to your entire contact center operation. However, there is more to a tent than the posts, and also far more to a successful call center than using Salesforce.

Managers spend vast amounts of time working on those other areas. Everything from improved contact skills, to improvements in sales strategies to improvements in the quality of life their employees experience. With so much competitive service available to customers via web forums, chat and, of course, direct competitors, call centers must provide top-notch service from end to end to remain a viable company asset.

In fact, there is so much else a manager must work on that when a tool like Salesforce enters the picture, many managers take advantage of the ability to devote a greater portion of their attention to things other than use of the systems.

This can lead to big boosts across the board once everyone settles into using Salesforce. Except:

The Problem with Salesforce:

The problem with letting Salesforce take care of Salesforce, is that it can't.

While it is a tremendously focused sort of system, well-designed to do exactly the sorts of things you'd want it to do, the reality is that it is still "just a system." It can't do everything for everyone, and that means your employees have to not only do things, they have to do them the right way. Consistently and quickly.

Early on, after a Salesforce implementation, when your company is quite happy to spend a lot of time and resources "training" their reps to use it, Salesforce is likely a true boost to production and widely used correctly.

However, as manager's attention naturally drifts elsewhere, things can rapidly unravel when:

  • Changes to the system emerge
  • Employees develop "shortcuts"
  • Those once-in-a-while odd situations become more prevalent
  • The system changes again (and that training that was so long ago is now outdated)
  • New people join the organization (and they often receive less training than those who were around at launch)
  • New managers come in
  • New products are added

During these changes, how Salesforce is used can vary widely from person to person and from timeframe to timeframe. What you need is a way to use Salesforce consistently and correctly that does not rely on a manager's oversight. What you need is a way to use Salesforce better.

How to Use Salesforce Better:

The way to use Salesforce better involves two things:

  1. Ensuring Salesforce is used consistently.
  2. Ensuring Salesforce is supported accurately and consistently.

Easy, yes? Ah, but how to accomplish that? We humbly submit that Merlin Guides is exactly the sort of way to accomplish both of those goals. Here's how:

  • Wizards are created and maintained by your Salesforce experts. They do everything the right way once, create a wizard for it, and thereby ensure every other employee can also do everything the right way.
  • When changes to the system or product line occur, those same experts update the wizards and, poof, every employee knows how to handle the updates.
  • Employees quickly learn to follow the wizards and, suddenly, Salesforce is used consistently and correctly every single time.

See? We told you it was easy.

Merlin Guides takes a big slice of headache off your Call Center manager's (and trainer's) plates, and allows them more time to focus on the things that will drive your company's success. When you're ready to learn more, contact us.