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Three Training Tips to Increase Salesforce ROI

Training takes time and costs money.

While the statement above is true, and it does take both time and money to train someone, it can be a detriment to consider employee training--especially in Salesforce--as merely an expense.

Done properly, training is an investment in the success of the company. When a company adopts Salesforce, they do so with the expectation that not only will their employees use it properly, but that using it will lead to better customer contacts and higher sales.

However, companies sometimes find that Salesforce has not magically transformed anything. So where's the magic? Why, it's right here, at Merlin Guides.

Here are three tips that produce better ROI in Salesforce through employee training:

#1 Make it as easy as possible.

Initial adoption can be the most challenging part of a Salesforce implementation.

Sales is both an art and a science. One of the purposes of something like Salesforce is to make sure the science is solid and the sales process is consistent, so that your sales rep can artfully handle their customer contact. However, when Salesforce is first introduced, experienced reps may feel it is getting in the way of their job because they have to think about what to do to use it properly. Given a choice between spending their mind's resources on navigating a system or speaking to their customer, they'll choose speaking to their customer, and Salesforce goes unused.

The right way to train in Salesforce, to minimize resistance, is to make it as easy as possible. Merlin Guides takes all the guesswork out of Salesforce by providing an easy, thorough, step-by-step process that requires very little thought on the rep's part. It makes it easy to use the system and talk to the customer at the same time, and eliminates the fear of messing up the contact because too much time was spent trying to figure out the system.

#2 Use detailed and consistent reporting.

Reporting is one aspect of Salesforce that senior leaders love. That is, if the reporting is complete and accurate. When reporting is incomplete because Salesforce was not used consistently and as desired, senior leaders get incomplete information. Many times, the proposed solution is, wait for it, more training for everyone.

Merlin Guides can help with this issue too. Detailed reporting shows where the most common departures occur, and the guide can be refocused to ensure higher compliance. It's also very clear who is and who is not using the Guides, allowing for targeted intervention by local managers. But most importantly, Merlin Guides makes it so easy to use Salesforce that there is really no reason to avoid it. Consistent use drives consistent reporting, and that provides leaders with actionable data.

#3 Make it interactive and engaging.

Happy employees are always a good thing. Stressed employees, it follows, are rarely a good thing. While the goal of any training is to improve performance, one-and-done training sessions often leave as many questions as answers in the minds of users. That generates stress when the employee starts using the tool. One way to reduce stress is to make things easier any way you can.

When it comes to Salesforce, Merlin Guides provides an easy, current, and consistent experience. By following a Guide, employees have one less thing to worry about in their job, and that leads to less stress, which can generate happier employees. Coaching sessions rarely have to focus on anything system-related in a Merlin Guide-equipped office, so, not only does employee training with Merlin Guides improve performance directly, it can also improve performance indirectly by allowing focus on other aspects of the job.

This was just a sampling of the reasons Salesforce employee training is beneficial. Merlin Guides is a great way to achieve these and other benefits. To learn more, talk with one of our experts.