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Our Favorite Salesforce Blogs & Resources

Looking for Salesforce guides and information can be overwhelming. There are so many blogs and sites that it can be daunting to find the ones with the best information. That's why we've done it for you!

Below are our five of our favorite Salesforce resources, beginning, of course, with Salesforce itself.

Resource #1: Salesforce

If you are looking for the ultimate guide on how to use Salesforce, go straight to the source. Salesforce has a comprehensive online community for Salesforce users that includes more traditional how-to documentation, webinars, videos of their Dreamforce conferences, and a community of Salesforce users.

The Trailblazer Community is a place to ask questions and share tips. You can join groups by region, industry type, job type, product type, and more, or participate in the larger community to ask questions of other members. A major role played by community members is to submit ideas for improvement to the Salesforce platform and to vote for others' ideas to show Salesforce which ideas are most popular.

One of the newer sections of their resource site is Trailhead which consists of over 80 guided learning experiences with interactive tutorials and badges to help users learn how to use the platform in a gamified way. Companies can even use the myTrailhead feature to create customized guided learning experiences for their staff.

Salesforce also hosts many regional, virtual, and live events where you can join other users virtually or in-person to learn tips, tricks, and gain inspiration from Salesforce experts.

Resource #2: Salesforce Ben

Salesforce Ben is a website created by Salesforce superuser, Ben McCarthy, a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Developer, and Sales Cloud Consultant. The posts are written by a team of Salesforce gurus in addition to Ben and range from basic platform information and updates to guides for certification.

The resources available on the site include step-by-step tutorials, Salesforce tips and tricks, and sample quizzes for and information about Salesforce Certification classes.

In addition to the latest news on developments in the platform and the company, Salesforce Ben is also a great place to get information on Salesforce careers like trends in the Salesforce job market and advice about jobs related to the platform.

Resource #3: Salesforce Weekly

Salesforce Weekly is a real Salesforce MVP'sā€”Mike Gill, Ines Garcia, and Chris Edwards. Mike and Gill work in the tech industry and co-lead the London-based Admin Group for Salesforce in their free time. They also spend a lot of time updating their website.

The site is filled with how-to guides on topics like administration, automation, and building processes, as well as information on platform releases, and their opinions about new Salesforce features, trends, and events.

Resource #4: The Wizard News

Brian Kwong, a fellow Wizard friend of ours at Merlin Guides, has a site that is chock full of current information about Salesforce including a blog, videos, and podcasts. The Salesforce Wizard, as he is known in the community, has been administering and developing on Salesforce for over ten years and is the leader of the Wisconsin Salesforce User and Developer Group.

He publishes new blog posts on Thursdays that cover everything from products, best practices, and tips and tricks. He is especially focused on business processes and automation tools like Lightening Process Builder, Lightning Flow, Workflow Rules, and APEX.

His YouTube training series, Wizard's Apprentice, is focused on walkthroughs of new features and other training videos as well as videos of the Dreamforce conference and other Salesforce events. You can watch the videos on his site or on Brian's YouTube channel.

WizardCast is Brian's podcast series co-hosted by Mark Ross (the Salesforce Yoda) and touches on Salesforce products, features, careers, and best practices. You can find embedded recordings on his site along with time-stamped annotations, as well as any links referenced in each podcast episode. You can also subscribe through iTunes, GooglePlay Music, Stitcher, or Spotify.

Brian tries to come at all of his topics with a sense of humor and bad puns, so if you like your learning with a side of laughter, check out his content.

Resource #5: Admin Hero

Brent Downey is the Admin Hero. He started his site in 2012 to share things he'd learned over his years of managing 1,500 Salesforce users at a multinational company. Now over five years later, the site is one of the most popular Salesforce resources in the industry.

The site covers general business topics like administrator basics and managing your career, as well as posts on the Dreamforce conference, tips and tricks, and information on the Lightning Experience.

There is also a unique how-to guide section, Zero to Hero, that contains links to a guided experience that will take someone with no experience in Salesforce on a journey to become an expert.

While these sites contain great resources to guide your use of Salesforce, it's difficult to get an entire Salesforce team to stay on top of the latest updates and information through external sites like these. That's where Merlin Guides comes in.

With Merlin you can take the knowledge you learn from external tips, tricks, and how-to guides and embed them inside your own Salesforce platform. All of your company specific how-to guides will live within your own system, which makes training and updates as convenient as possible for your team.

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