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How to Get The Most from Salesforce: An Interview with Brenden Santoro

Brenden Santoro is a Salesforce Consultant at GSD Company. GSD specializes in technical implementations of the Salesforce.com platform, and their consultants are certified and have experience with implementing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Communities Cloud, Wave Analytics, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud and a long list of AppExchange Applications.

We reached out to Brenden for an interview about using Salesforce, and we are excited to share his answers in this post:

Question one: Why do you love Salesforce?

It is ever evolving and is nearly impossible to become stagnant in your role within the industry. Whether Salesforce acquires another peripheral service or more features are rolled out in the following release, you must ensure you are up to date on what is present or else you will lag behind very fast. The industry is packed with professionals seeking to get certified and prove how much they know, and at the same time it seems like no one wants to hire junior level people. The market demand is high for experienced people so you must work with the pace as Salesforce consistently increases difficulty.

Question two: What feature in Salesforce do you use the most?

I use process builder and flows the most. They both allow the creation of automations and definitely require a lot of knowledge, or else you’ll be faced with a plethora of error emails, exceptions, and angry end users. Once you learn to utilize them to their fullest, you are able to replace the necessity of Apex in many scenarios.

Question three: What is your best tip for using Salesforce?

My best tip is that there is a workaround to everything. Regardless of the base architecture and hierarchy, whenever you are faced with a constraint I believe that you may always determine a workaround typically with the utilization of automations. I’m aware that this is vague, but as you learn Salesforce day by day you’ll begin to realise that its potential hundreds or thousands of features can mesh to make far more possibilities.

Question four: What is your proudest Salesforce accomplishment?

In my spare time I created a personal budgeting app and it is my cornerstone regarding my personal finances. I am constantly adding new features and have essentially been able to make it import all of my credit card transactions automatically. It is essentially autonomous and since it is personal to me, it is better than anything in the App Store or an excel sheet.

Question five: Any other thoughts you’d like to share with others?

For any readers who think that they must obtain an indefinite amount of Salesforce certs in order to be successful should reconsider. Yes, certifications are great and they look great on paper too, but every company values them differently. Someone who has 10 Salesforce certs may just be good at following study guides and taking tests. That person isn't automatically a guru. Most internal admin roles couldn’t care if you’re certified, it will likely just leverage you a little more during the interview process. It is experience and honesty that excels the most in this industry. The tips, tricks, workarounds, and advice you can give to fellow Salesforce admins and developers will be far more valued than what’s on your resume.

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