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An Interview with Brett Barlow, a Salesforce Administrator at Postmates

Brett is a Salesforce rockstar who has been in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2014. He started in Salesforce recruiting and then became a Salesforce Admin. For more on Brett’s experience with Salesforce, check out his Linkedin, and for more of Brett’s insights on Salesforce and his best tips, check out the interview we did with Brett for Merlin Guides below:

Question one: Why do you love Salesforce?

The flexibility of the platform. Out of the box Salesforce is a great starting point, but with the right knowledge and skills it can be customized to meet any company's specific requirements.

The ecosystem. People who work in this space tend to be both welcoming and knowledgeable. Get out to your local user group and you'll see for yourself!

Question three: What is your best tip for using Salesforce?

Salesforce-interview-Brett-Barlow The Activity Timeline in the Lightning Experience. This allows you to get an at a glance view of all calls, events, emails and tasks related to a record while also enabling you to add more activities to the record on the fly.

For more information on setting up your Activity Timeline, check out "Pro Tip: Tailor the Activity Timeline for Your Lightning Experience Users" or watch this video.

Question four: What is your proudest Salesforce accomplishment?

There's been a lot so it's hard to choose just one. A recent project was my work automating our inbound lead assignment. We get a high volume of inbound leads from a number of sources so I first had to build integrations with other systems to get all leads to come into Salesforce.

Then using scheduled apex, inbound leads are automatically assigned to reps at random until all reps have been assigned a lead. The round robin will re-shuffle after everyone has gotten a lead and continues until all leads have been assigned. Apex was needed in this case to account for other business requirements related to our inbound lead assignment process.

Question five: Any other tips you’d like to share with others?

Yes, I'd like to share two tips:

  1. You can do anything with Salesforce, but should you? Salesforce provides a number of ways to build something but always remember to use the right tool for the job.
  2. The business defines the process, not the technology. Don't let your knowledge of technology limit the solutions you can build. Think creatively, ask around and you'll figure it out.

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