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How Change Management and Relationships Impact Your Salesforce Success: An Interview with David Longhini

David Longhini is a Senior Salesforce Consultant at Bluewolf, where he manages the Bluewolf GO Lightning Program. David is also a Life Coach at The Only Constant is Change, where he coaches and helps people to find balance and joy by consistently paring down or trading up areas of their life.

David shared his some of his insights on using Salesforce (as well as some insight on change) in the 5-question interview summarized below:

Question one: Why do you love Salesforce?

I love salesforce because the entire purpose do the industry is to make peoples work lives easier--which is a significant part of their day. I can make changes in minutes that can affect thousands, giving them a little more time to spend on the things the find most important at work.

Question two: What feature in Salesforce do you use the most?

Salesforce-CPQ Personally, my favorite is Salesforce CPQ, the entire platform. Just being able to be able to take a look at a massive excel spreadsheet and a couple of weeks later seeing somebody creating a quote and sending it out to a customer in 30 seconds is probably the single biggest improvement that I enjoy -- seeing the look on salespeople's faces at the demo.

To learn more about how Bluewolf uses Salesforce CPQ, read Closing Deals Faster with Salesforce CPQ or watch The Future Now: Bluewolf Automates Quoting with Salesforce CPQ

Question three: What is your best tip for using Salesforce?

Always use your implementation as the time to reevaluate and simplify your processes. A rushed implementation that doesn't reconsider is in your worse interest. Too many implementations that I see of people telling me they hate Salesforce has nothing to do with the platform, it has to do with taking a clunky process and putting it into a cutting edge system. You will be wasting time and money to rush it without getting the process right.

"Processes should enable systems; systems shouldn't enable the processes." - David

Question four: What is your proudest Salesforce accomplishment?

Honestly it never has to do with the specific accomplishment on my side. It has to to with the feedback you get from clients and the relationship you build by the end of the project. So the proudest accomplishment is having an excited end-user and a project team that feels like friends. That's the common tie-in between all my proudest Salesforce projects: having built a relationship that you both feel like you know each others' needs, you know how each other works, and you can work together well. That's the important piece everywhere; anybody can build technology, but doing that and getting it right is the hard piece.

Question five: Any other information you’d like to share with others?

When it comes to service, you will never "get it right". Despite this, many people let the fear of change management keep them from adjusting their process, or if they do, to make small tweaks to limit it's effect on their end users. You can never consider your initial implementation the end all be all. Whether you didn't include someone who has their own function/role, someone changes their mind, or the process just flat out changes there will always be changes. It can be tempting to just add on to it until the process frankensteins itself. Instead, you should be spending just as much time on your employees "journey map" as you do customer journey mapping. You should be considering a tool like Merlin Guides, and anything else you need to be able to adjust your employees experience as quickly as you do your customers. If you can't improve for fear of what change brings, you've already lost.

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