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The Importance of Tracking KPI's in Salesforce and More: An Interview the Founder of Everpeak Partners

Oliver has been a Salesforce consultant and administrator, and now is the Founder of Everpeak Partners, a registered Salesforce consulting firm with a focus on CRM and marketing automation solutions.

We reached out with him to learn more about his experience with Salesforce and how Everpeak Partners focuses solely on Salesforce to help companies in Portland, Oregon.

We invite you to read the interview with Oliver below, and see the bottom of the post to connect him on LinkedIn.

Why do you love Salesforce?

Salesforce is the most powerful business platform in existence. I primarily work with Sales Cloud and Pardot, two tools that allow companies to sell their product more efficiently.

The automation, organization and process capabilities offered from the Salesforce platform give businesses the ability to spend more time on offering a great product and less time delivering it to their target audience.

Most configuration activities on the platform can be built with point-and-click ease and the user interface with Lightning looks great too.

How has Salesforce impacted your career?

My entire career is based on Salesforce. I was a Salesforce consultant for several years prior to starting my own consulting practice. Everpeak Partners, the consulting firm I run focuses only on Salesforce projects. We fix messy data, improve user adoption, streamline processes, improve reporting and analytics, upgrade clients to Lightning and much more. I have many interests outside of work, but when it comes to my work life, it revolves 100% around Salesforce.

What feature in Salesforce do you use the most? And, what's your most recommended piece of advice?

I use the dashboards the most in Salesforce. As a consulting practice running on Salesforce, all consultants log their time in the system. In a glance, I can see where we stand in terms of billable time for the week and month. I can see a comparison between this month and last month. I know the numbers we need to hit and the always up-to-date reporting in Salesforce makes my job very easy.

My recommendation is pretty simple and definitely not that unique but it is to build simple dashboards that track your KPIs.

Great dashboards vs okay dashboards will make a huge impact on the effectiveness of managers.

What is your proudest Salesforce project/accomplishment?

Years ago, I got 4x certified and had milestones in terms of running bigger and bigger projects. But without a doubt, my biggest accomplishment is starting a consulting firm, hiring employees and becoming an official partner with Salesforce.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

I am always happy to answer questions about Salesforce and connect with others. I can be found on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-sholder/

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