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Tips for Your Salesforce Mindset and More: An Interview with Jenn Sanders

Jenn Sanders is the Founder and Chief Cloud Consultant at LoveYourCRM. We reached out to Jenn for an interview for Merlin Guides about Salesforce, and we are more than honored and excited to share her Salesforce experiences and insights! To connect with Jenn and her team at LoveYourCRM, see the contact information at the bottom of this post.

Question one: What is LoveYourCRM?

LoveYourCRM is almost like a career springboard. It's not so much a typical company but more of a gathering of independent contractors and a place where I can mentor them--and bring up people into the Salesforce career--instead of just being a solo freelancer, they'll have a place to have a sounding board and talk about their projects. LoveYourCRM started growing about two years ago; it was just me for a long time but I decided to bring people in and now it is up to eight people.

Question two: Why do you love Salesforce?

So many ways to answer that question. I guess the primary reason I love Salesforce is it's easy to say "Yes." It's such a robust, powerful platform but I don't have to know code to be able say "yes" to anyone's vision of what they want to accomplish on the platform. It's amazing. I can make anything happen. It's kind of magical.

Within that, I guess, a lot of different things. Being a consultant, I get to see a lot of variety in industries and talk to a lot of different people and learn how everyone does business a little differently. Every business is a unique snowflake. It's really opened a lot of doors and enabled me to get a lot of variety in my life and my career, so that's really cool and rewarding. For example, I've recently started getting more into non-profits. It's been really cool to be able to use technology to help in the real world, if you will, for good.

Question three: What feature in Salesforce do you use the most?

Me, personally, I use reports and dashboards the most often. My favorite dashboard component is probably the donut. I like how you can have the total records inside. That's pretty cool.


I do definitely help others use reporting as well. Probably where I see people get hung up most is in choosing a report type. When you're working with a lot of custom objects, especially, it's very critical to choose your report type properly. If you are running a report and you're not getting the results that you're expecting to see, check your report types that you're using. To do this go into a report and hit customize and it will say, right at the top, what your report type is that displays the objects you're working with.

Question four: What is your best tip for using Salesforce?

My recommended tip has more to do with having a general mindset of using Salesforce, and it's kind of twofold: the first is, don't be afraid to go and explore! Exploration is, I think, the best way to learn Salesforce. But then the flip side of that is, be very careful of what you save and click on.

Another recommended tip is, when in doubt, ask the AppExchange. I think the AppExchange is really under-used. There's a wealth of cool, free apps out there to help admins (as well as hosts of other different kinds), but the admin tools are really fun. Pretty much every time I go to the AppExchange my problem is already solved by a cool free little app. So, when in doubt, ask the AppExchange.

Question five: What is your proudest Salesforce accomplishment?

My proudest Salesforce project would definitely have to be when I did an org merge which is the biggest, baddest kind of project you can do in Salesforce.

It wasn't just about putting two organizations together; it was for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company and they had bought a subsidiary in Mexico that was already using Salesforce. The company they acquired had a cooler build-out, so they wanted to go into their subsidiary's Salesforce--and, of course, it was all in Spanish. I happen to speak Spanish, so I was able to use my Spanish in my work finally, for the first time. That was just awesome! It was quite a challenge, the cross-language merge. It was very cool as well though, of course. Particularly to see how the visibility, the profile controls worked together. We created a separate but equal mirror of the English-speaking side and the Spanish-speaking side. For the Spanish speakers, the English side was invisible to them, and vice versa. The users never had to see the other language; everything just ran in parallel and smoothly together--that was really cool to see that working in tandem. It was awesome!

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