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Using Process Builder and Other Tips: An Interview with Kevin Chiles, Senior Salesforce Admininstrator at Megapath

Kevin is a Senior Salesforce Administrator at Megapath with 8 years of CRM experience. His specialties include Salesforce analytics, setup, configuration, improving client-server model, and advanced implementation of campaign and marketing strategies. He's most familiar with SFDC enhancing productivity and end-user adoption.

We reached out to Kevin for him to share some of his best tips and tricks for using Salesforce--learn more in his interview answers below:

Why do you love Salesforce?

I have built my entire career on this platform. I started doing Salesforce Support at a call center and worked my way up the chain. From there I broke into Consulting, and had the ability to change not only my surrounding and my pay, but my life. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t fallen in love with this tool and learned it as well as I have.

What feature in Salesforce do you use the most?


I love the flow and process builder. These are crucial to getting items out of Apex and into a visible format that is click to setup.

To learn more about the flow and process builder, watch Using Flow and Process Builder Together or Process Builder And Flow: An Admin's Trigger

What is your most recommended (best) tip/trick for using Salesforce?

Probably enabling drag and drop calendaring on list views. This is a huge win for me as I can setup times directly from my case view to follow up on items.

What is your proudest Salesforce project/accomplishment?

The proudest accomplishment is a full end to end for WorkRite. It was one of the hardest projects, as we had to take an existing systems setup and then convert all of those process’s over to Salesforce. It was no easy task.--but nothing worth doing ever is. I feel like that was the project I “grew up” on.

If I was going to share one other tip, it would be:Don’t be afraid. You too can switch to Lightning.

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