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Why You Should Consider Salesforce: An Interview with Michael Huynh, Lead Salesforce Administrator

Michael is a certified Salesforce professional with over 5+ years of experience working for fortune 500 companies. Most recently he has been a Lead Salesforce Administrator at Yahoo! Inc.

We asked Michael about Salesforce tips and tricks he'd like to share for our blog, read about his favorite tools and features in the interview below:

Question one: Why do you love Salesforce?

I love Salesforce because it has the ability to solve a lot of challenging business issues for all types of businesses, regardless of industry, company size, products, etc. It's easy to use from an end-user perspective and not too complex to modify and maintain from an administrator perspective. If you want to take Salesforce to the next level, you can use developer language tools like Apex and Visualforce.

Question two: What feature in Salesforce do you use the most?

I really enjoy the reports and dashboards the most because business decisions, consumer insights, potential opportunities all come from data. With reports and dashboards, users can organize and filter the data to gain additional information and trends to make well-informed decisions and also provide the graphical representation to leadership to tell stories.

Question three: What is your most recommended tip for using Salesforce?

You can always search online, via forums, Salesforce Help and Training, and Salesforce Idea Exchange--to name a few--for solutions to enhance the system.

A lot of times, you just need to use Salesforce more and more to identify areas of improvement or ways to make your job easier.

Question four: What is your proudest Salesforce accomplishment?

During my time in technical support, I would say that I have gotten to the opportunity to help many Salesforce customers resolve business stopping issues. There is nothing more fulfilling than customer success.

Question five: Is there any other thoughts you’d like to share with readers?

I'd like to say that if any business wants a new CRM platform, they should consider Salesforce. There are many other CRM platforms, but there is a reason why Salesforce is the global leader. The best part about it is, you can access a free trial and test it out if you are not sure about committing to it. Once you commit and either learn the system or obtain guidance from other professionals, you can see that the opportunities to centralize business processes can be limitless.

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