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A Certified Salesforce.com Consultant, Developer, and Administrator Shares How She Uses Salesforce to help Nonprofits

Stephanie King is a Certified Salesforce.com Consultant, Developer, and Administrator who is bringing a passion for education to the tech consulting world through great training, clear communication, and excellent client outcomes.

We reached out to Stephanie for her insights on using Salesforce and here is what she shared with us:

Why do you love Salesforce?

Creativity, problem solving, and making something new are what drive me in all pursuits. In my spare time you can find me building a chicken coop, painting my next masterpiece, choreographing a dance number, or experimenting with a new idea in the garden. The Salesforce platform allows me to experiment, create, and solve problems in a way that is powerful, exciting, and fun.

How has Salesforce impacted your career?

I have been consulting on the Salesforce platform for 6 years, and along the way I found a passion for working with nonprofits. These days, they make up the majority of my clients and I am also a co-leader of the Twin Cities Salesforce Nonprofit User Group.

Nonprofits have so many interesting and unique use cases! Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack allow me to help nonprofits improve their processes, analyze data, support growth, and meet their mission.

What feature in Salesforce do you use the most?

I've said this so many times that it's now a running joke at my office and at our User Group: I love Apsona! This appexchange app is the best value for your money beyond the cost of your basic licenses. It's an admin's "swiss army knife" in the cloud!

What is your proudest Salesforce project?

The opportunities that I have to give back to the Salesforce Community are a source of great pride and satisfaction. I mentioned that I co-lead the local nonprofit user group, which over the last 5 years has grown from regular attendance of a dozen or so to 60 or more regular attendees and hundreds of members. I also write a blog where I explore topics that I think may give readers a quick "win" in Salesforce.

Both the User Group and the Blog are ways that I can give back, but they also give me the chance to teach, to explore topics more deeply, to plug into the wider Salesforce ecosystem, and to develop my own framework of best practices and winning solutions that I can take back to my clients.

Thank you! Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

As I just alluded, I think there is deep value to be found in the Salesforce Trailblazer Community! Many platforms have online FAQs and Support Centers, but the Salesforce Community is so unique. Every Admin and User should take the time to plug into the online community, attend a Salesforce event, and if at all possible, join your local User Group!

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