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Salesforce Trailhead: New Features & Tips

Those of you using Salesforce regularly may already work with its training platform called Salesforce Trailhead. This arm of the software helps users do hands-on training for all Salesforce features. It allows users to develop and share their own training strategies to help make Salesforce more manageable in any work setting.

While Merlin Guides is a fantastic tool for team training, in particular training in the unique and customized way your team uses Salesforce, Trailhead is great for individual learning for Salesforce Admins and Consultants. To help maximize Salesforce Trailhead's new features we're sharing the following 5 tips with you:

#1: Use a Skills Graph Instead of Badges

One of the new Trailhead features is the elimination of badges and instead creating a skills graph for expanded metrics. This feature allows you to display exactly what you've learned and how well you did in learning each skill. Created in pie chart form, it's easy to read and gives ample evidence to employers what you've learned. In essence, it's a new form of resume that could replace having to start a LinkedIn page to promote yourself. The intention is to help people build their brands so they can find a niche in the industry they want. With Salesforce skills always being in demand, the skills graph is an exciting development.

#2: Quantify Measurements of Salesforce Skills

It's not enough to just state you have experience using Salesforce on your resume. Many employers now want to see definitive proof of what you've learned. In other words, more granular data on specific skills you mastered in Salesforce training is going to impress employers more. Proving quantifiable measurements of specific skills can help differentiate you from all other job-seekers placing Salesforce experience on their applications. Many jobs require specific Salesforce skills that other people don't always master. Being able to prove you've trained changes how you probably view resumes from the past.

Tip #3: Grow Your Professional Resume

The skills graph alone could evolve online resumes in bringing more diversity to those who use Salesforce. Since Trailhead training is free, it can also save money for people who perhaps can't afford college to obtain a four-year degree. The diversity aspect could alter who gets hired in jobs with Salesforce knowledge. For women, especially, it's a chance for them to move into technology jobs after all too often being ignored. Salesforce Trailhead offers training in coding as well, giving individuals an open path to gaining an education in tech without having to attend a university. Salesforce makes it easier for many to get educated in different ways,making it easier to acquire these skills.

#4: Use Custom URL to Showcase Your Growth

Trailhead's other new feature is the ability to create a custom URL, which is essentially a new micro website to showcase your skills. These give you the ability to link up your prospective employers and your social media pages all in one profile page. The Salesforce Trailhead URL makes it possible to put together a digital resume for employers.

#5: Build on Your Knowledge and Success Through Merlin Guides

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