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What Is an EPSS and how can it help you to train better?

An EPSS, also known as an Electronic Performance Support System, is becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Understanding how these computerized tools and instruction programs can benefit your business make it easier for you to provide better support to your employees.

What is EPSS?

An EPSS is a computer-based system that is capable of improving worker productivity by providing advice, information, and learning experiences on the job. The integrated electronic environment makes it easy for each employee to learn in an individualized way so that they are not overwhelmed.

It's important to note that classroom training, webinars, and textbooks can be difficult for employees to learn from, especially when they are looking for immediate access to information or to receive guidance. An electronic performance support system can be found online, making it easier to improve job performance without the support of others.

It is possible to use an EPSS to provide support for finding information within databases, performing different tasks, as well as presenting information in such forms as audio, video, text, and data graphics.

By taking advantage of software that caters to the needs of users, it provides confidence amongst employees. Your employees don't have to worry about "getting the information" the first time around in a training situation. They also don't have to disrupt other employees when there is a question.

What are the Benefits?

There are a large number of benefits to using an electronic performance support system within your company.

One of the first benefits is that many organizations have fewer customer support queries. The reasons for this is because employees are able to figure out the problems on their own.

Another benefit is that your employees will be able to hit the ground running when there is new software. They can start working effectively on it from day one. For examle, with Merlin Guides employees are guided through the program.

Teaching employees Salesforce, in particular, is made easier because mistakes are avoided. Employees get the full walk-through so that they are in the program as opposed to learning in a classroom.

When there are new employees, the onboarding experience is easier as well. Merlin Guides will provide the walk-through that employees need. This eliminates the need to pull another employee from their job in order to provide the training. The new employee is also more likely to understand the material because they are working with it immediately instead of being told to read through a book or manual.

Choosing the Best EPSS

When you decide you want to introduce an EPSS into the workplace, you want to consider the characteristics that you want your system to possess.

Perhaps the most important is that you want to make sure that information can be provided in a variety of different formats. For example, data may be in a video, in text, in a step-by-step walkthrough, etc.

Additionally, you want to make sure that the most relevant information is available. If you provide too much information, it is going to be too overwhelming. The user may be less likely to use the system again when they have a question because they find the system to be too intimidating.

Further, you want to make sure that information can be retrieved easily when there is a question. This will empower employees to go back to the system whenever they need additional training or feel as though they need a refresher course.

By understanding all of the benefits of an electronic performance support system, you can provide training and support to your employees at all times.

Merlin Guides is an EPSS that can help your team considerably. Learn more by scheduling a demo to see the many features in action at https://www.merlinguides.com.