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What Is Contextual Training & How Does It Impact The Workplace

Contextual training is becoming more popular because it ensures that employees truly understand the material that is being taught and has a positive impact in the workplace. Understanding what it is and the benefits that you can experience are critical to increasing success.

What is contextual training?

Contextual training is becoming one of the top training trends because it is truly an intelligent way to train. This kind of training provides user support that is personalized and happens in the environment where skills are actually performed. Contexual training anticipates the needs of the learners and provides the needed on-screen guidance in real-time.

There are digital training solutions, like Merlin Guides, that provide training based on context-sensitive factors. Merlin Guides provides you with the ability to create interactive guides, and ensures that your employees get the answers they need without wasting any kind of time.

It's important to focus on forms of training where your employees are truly learning. Otherwise they may not be retaining the skills and information necessary to succeed in their roles and in the business as a whole.

When you look at the benefits of contextual Salesforce training like Merlin Guides, you will find that people are able to work seamlessly with the software, even if they have never been exposed to it before the training, becuase that training is contextual.

Here are a few more benefits of contextual training:

Real Time Learning and Application of Skills

Contextual learning has the potential to save time, allow immediate updates to your team, and meet compliance needs. Tools like Merlin Guides are accessible 24/7, so it allows employees to get the "refresher" that they need without waiting weeks or even months for you to offer another day of classroom training.

Contextual training also often moves at the pace of the learners. Employees who learn slower may need to take their time, while others who may be familiar with Salesforce or another software program may be able to go faster based on the modules that they are already familiar with.

Reduced Employee Turnover

You can reduce your employee turnover considerably by providing better training. Many employees leave a company because they don't feel as though they're being supported enough to do their job well.

Increased Productivity

There's no sandbox training involved with contextual learning and this also boosts productivity levels. Any time that you can obtain higher productivity, it's for the better. Contextual tools lik Hotspots, for example, share snippets of information so that an employee can hover the mouse over a button or field to show them exactly what they know -- they don't have to leave Salesforce or ask for help to learn how to do what they need to do.

You have to consider what kind of training you're offering now and how effective it is. Even if you think the training is going fine, your employees might have something very different to say about it. This is why it's worth exploring Merlin Guides. With various pricing structures, you can establish how many user accounts you need and ensure that you can train a successful team regardless of how small or large you are.

Learn more about Merlin Guides by contacting us today. We can sign you up immediately or you can request a demo to see contextual learning come alive.