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Decrease onboarding time and increase engagement from day one.

Increase Revenue and Retention through Effective Onboarding.

If you think that effectively bringing new employees into your business is only about introducing them to coworkers, explaining benefits and signing a few documents, think again. The process of integrating employees into your company is also about increasing employee retention, boosting productivity and building profits.

When onboarding is successful, employees are not only more productive, but also tend to be retained. That's important, given the high cost of replacing employees who move on to other companies. As SHRM notes, the cost to replace an employee is, on average, about twice that employee's annual salary. For all businesses, but especially for those which are small or just starting out, those kinds of costs are unsustainable over the long term.

Features & Benefits:

  • Merlin Guides improves the experience for everyone, and new employees can feel especially welcomed and informed, helping to promote better employee retention and adoption of company practices.
  • When employees get the information they need just as they need it, they feel more included and part of the team. This sense of belonging translates into more motivated, engaged employees who are excited to get to work.
  • Having customized guides also makes the onboarding process more successful. Training that is immediately applicable with an obvious purpose is much more effective than disconnected training that might not come up in practice for days or even weeks after the information is delivered.

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