Interactive Guides

The best way to learn a new process (or refresh an old one)

With Merlin Guides, you can create a guide in minutes rather than hours. The guides are uniquely created to follow your guidance as you do a task and turn it into a guide for future users. Rather than force you to analyze and break down each individual step in your process, Merlin Guides takes your natural use of Salesforce and turns it into an interactive tool of instruction.

Brand new employees are guided by step-by-step instructions, and more advanced employees will be able to use Merlin to double check their work and get reminders about the next steps, as well as stay up to date on your company's specific policies and procedures, right within the platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports the creation of decision tree guides and multi-tab/multi-software guides
  • Record a new task by just performing the task once and it’ll watch how you did it to share with your team
  • Employees using the Guides get the assistance they need that meets them at their current level of expertise
  • Most Guides takes only minutes to create and requires no special skills or knowledge
  • As soon as a Guide is done, it can go live and start helping your users - no lag time while you wait for content to reach your training system
  • As with everything in Merlin Guides, everyone gets a simple interface, from those who create guides, to users, to those reviewing the reporting. It's all magically simple.

Solution Use Cases

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