Push new information & get acknowledgements to your team in minutes

In-the-moment Notifications can be sent directly to employees via the Merlin Guide system, ensuring that everyone sees it at the same time while they are doing their work. This feature allows ongoing communication and adaptability for your changing workplace needs, whereas a change sent out via email will be received by different employees at different times, and some might get it too late to put it into practice on the task at hand.

Features & Benefits

  • Send in-the-moment process changes and information updates to your team.
  • Meet compliance requirements by having employees sign to confirm they’ve received and read the update
  • View detailed analytics in the out-of-the-box Notifications Dashboard
  • Send a series of Notifications to a new employee to guide onboarding
  • Use the Groups feature to send focused Notifications to specific groups of employees
  • Include links, FAQs, videos and more in Notifications

Solution Use Cases

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